DCS | Decimal Classification System


this is a hierarchical subject classification system similar to the Dewey Decimal Classification system or the Universal Decimal Classification system. As both of those are copyrighted and overly complex I decided to abandon trying to make them work in favor of creating my own.

Rather than create a completely new system I used xxx Free Decimal Correspondence system as a starting point. His system is CC0, so there is no issue with using it or adapting it. This adaptation of xxx’s work is also CC0. Feel free to use it however you like.

The main differences between DCS and FDC is some considerable reworking of the major classes, particularly the 200’s, which are reserved for Religion in FDC; 400’s, which are reserved for Language, and changes to the ordering of the sciences. This is based in part on recent research validating the Hierarchy Of Science theory (see Bibliometric Evidence for a Hierarchy of the Sciences.

Unaltered FDC Top Level Headers

  • 000: General works, books and libraries, information sciences
  • 100: Philosophy and psychology
  • 200: Religion ; or, Religion and theology
  • 300: Social sciences
  • 400: (Philology and Language and languages) ; or, Languages and linguistics
  • 500: Science and Natural history
  • 600: Industrial arts and Technology and Engineering ; or, Applied sciences and technology
  • 700: Arts ; or, Arts and recreation
  • 800: Literature
  • 900: History and Geography

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